Wednesday, September 2, 2015

BFSU A/B-1 Organizing matter

I had each of the kids gather 7 assorted items, and I did the same. Then they worked on figuring out how best to categorize the items. It got a little heated, as things tend to when both my oldest kids are involved.

As categories were suggested or tried I wrote them on the white board. After unsuccessful attempts to come to consensus, we decided to let each person have their own attempt to categorize. Here are the results: 

After we finished, Zion wanted to try sorting them by color. 

The sock and the cast iron bird statue seemed to be the most challenging items to find a good grouping for, according to the kids. 

We then walked around the house and pointed out how things are organized and grouped together. 

This part of the lesson took a lot longer than I anticipated, but the kids were enjoying it and pretty engaged, so I think it was time worth spending. We will hopefully wrap up when we have our next science class. 

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Nicolette Last said...

That is awesome! We are currently doing A/B 1 this week as well. I have one son who is just starting 1st grade.