Monday, February 9, 2015


For Poetry Teatime today we read haiku poems and discussed how to write one. These are the ones the kids came up with:


Chase it chase it dog.
Accidental backflip, oops!
Who put that hole there?


Ok here's a haiku
about a turkey vulture
that's all for now

My giraffe farted
And it was very stinky.
His butt exploded.

I wrote a few, a couple of them inspired by my boys talking (you can probably guess which ones).

Elephant, large, gray.
Eats pounds of grass daily.
Makes many big poops.

Tugging and twisting
A brave battle fought daily
Getting toddlers dressed.

Round, brown, and crunchy.
To dip and dunk, delicious.
More Oreos, please.

Long grasses swaying
The smell permeates the air.
Big elephant fart.

The kids really enjoyed it, and I was happy to see that Spud wanted to copy his over again because his first draft was quite messy. Then they wanted to laminate them and make frames with colored electrical tape. Sometimes things turn out better than you expected!

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