Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Solids, Liquids, and Gases and Change with Temperature (A-2)

We did this lesson after A-1/B-1, but I guess I forgot to post about it. 

Started by asking the kids what the three states of matter were, which the older two knew. Then we went through and listed examples of each. 

We talked about the molecules and how they are arranged differently in each state, and did a little activity I saw online where we all linked arms in a circle and wiggled a bit to represent the solid, kept arms linked and flowed around the house to represent the liquid, and unlinked arms and just moved independently to represent the gas. That was silly but they all liked it. 

We watched a BrainPop movie about Matter Changing States, the Crash Course Kids 3.1 video "What's Matter?" and later watched the Bill Nye episode Phases of Matter. 

I got worksheets from a website (I'll try and find the name) and had Zion & Clive complete the worksheet and had Leif do a sorting worksheet of pictures. They all seemed to rather enjoy the worksheets, which was a bit surprising. 

Then Zion and I did Notebook pages (which I still need to get punched and put in a notebook...) 

I also sang them a silly song about solids/liquids/gases to the tune of The Wheels on the Bus. 

We talked about how most liquids are water based, and how states of matter  change based on temperature. We used water and candle wax as our main examples, but also talked about metal and glass and lava/rock. 

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