Saturday, November 28, 2009

End of Term (Term B, Week 6 Report--kind of)

So I think I'll just have to accept that I probably won't get the Week 6 Reports done, at least not with the same detail. I'm too relieved to have a break that my "homeschool brain" shuts off and I can't bring myself to sit down and type up what we did. We did celebrate the end of the term with another Fun Friday Dance Party, though, which was fun. We didn't do dinner this time, which was nice because it was a bit less crazy, and we shortened it to 2 hours.

I taught the kids the line dance to "The Hustle" and we also played some games, including Twister and a game where all the kids laid heads together in a circle and tried to keep a balloon up in the air by kicking it with their legs. It was fun.

We took this entire week off. I had planned to have Spud do his computer school a few times (he did it once) and have Noodle read from Sunny the Yellow Fairy (also happened once), but oh well. Spud did read some books to his Aunt Jenn who is in town, which was good, and Noodle did pick up a couple of picture books to read. And they had a great time at a cousin sleepover Wednesday night and all day Thursday. We also had a Thanksgiving activity with our homeschool group, so they got a mini history/geography lesson on the Pilgrims.

Oh, one cool thing that happened during week 6 was we spent about 30 minutes or more watching a female ring-necked pheasant forage in our "backyard habitat" (aka The Giant Weed Patch that we hope to eventually turn Back into a Garden). It was really cool. We got out my binoculars and also enjoyed watching her disappear with her amazing camouflage. We talked about why female birds are less colorful than the males (it seems to bug Noodle that only the boy birds are pretty, and she hasn't yet seen the beauty in the brown), so it was neat to see how she could "disappear" by standing still, even in plain sight.

Here is a picture of her out in the open.

Can you see her?
She's in the middle of the picture in front of the fence.

How about this one?
She's in the center of the picture, a little bit left of the green pool thing.

Here are the turkey crafts we made this month.

This is a cute picture of Spud doing Play-doh letters after we read the book, The Worm Family.

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