Sunday, October 25, 2009

workboxes, update

I still really like the workbox system. We use it for Noodle's school everyday. Most days she does all 12 folders, but maybe once or twice a week we only have 10. With Spud, I have been adjusting his preschool "work" so now we are only using about four of his folders, and I fill the rest of the chart with the stars and take out the unused folders. I made his box with the intent that he'll grow into using more of it, anyways, so I'm okay with not using it all that much right now.

After 8 weeks of workboxes, I think the primary benefits have been:

1. I am forced to plan our day beforehand when I get the workbox ready the night before (and even earlier when I am more on top of things). I made a "Workbox Extras Sheet" which is just a simple table with Monday-Friday down the left hand side and the kids' names across the top. I jot down in the space for each day what extras I want to put in (e.g. flash cards, books for reading, read-alouds, mazes, coloring pages, history or science stuff, games) and then it makes the process of actually filling the workboxes each night much quicker. Also, I have found it very helpful in typing up my weekly report, as I can just refer to this page as an overview. (I did this last week for the first time and it was great!)

2. Noodle feels like she has some control over her day because she is the one who gets to get the next activity out. She also knows how far along her school day is.

3. Easy to schedule time to do the small and/or fun activities. Along with this, I also like that it is easy to take breaks (necessary to take care of the baby, have lunch, have a snack, help the other child) and then resume.

So, I don't really see us NOT using workboxes in the foreseeable future. In case you were wondering. :o)


Robin @ HeartofWisdom said...

Have you made any changes since your original workbox setup? What are they?

I found my eves were bigger than my schoolday i.e. I planned way too much. Now being more realistic.

BTW, I'm compiling a list of workboxers. Will be posting soon.

Thanks for sharing.

mindy said...

Robin, I haven't changed the setup at all, but I have streamlined my "workbox loading" process over the weeks. It took me sooo long at the beginning, now I'm much quicker. I have a list of what goes in on what days, plus the "Workbox Extras" sheet I do for each week. The Extras sheet has made a huge difference, because I can write down the library books and games that I want to read/do that week. Looking forward to your list!