Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Week 2

We had a wonderful week off last week. I was really glad we didn't try and school M-W, even though we didn't leave town until Wednesday evening, as there was a lot of last minute details to attend to.

I feel like I am slowly getting into a groove with the workboxes. I am hopeful that soon I will be able to plan a week in advance (mostly) and then just fill the boxes quickly (15 minutes or so) every evening, or, better yet, in the afternoon after we are finished for the day. I need to incorporate more crafts into Noodle's box, because she likes them so much. I've been letting her join in with Spud's, but I think she would like to have some of her own.

This week we are doing Seasons in science and Ancient India in history.

A few pictures:

Spud doing his sorting & number match. He likes this because he gets to eat the goldfish at the end. I'm impressed--he can recognize all of the numbers up through nine. Eventually we'll move into the teens.

Making an owl for "O". You might not guess by his expression, but he really enjoys these paper crafts. We made a pretty awesome alligator for A yesterday.

Here are a couple of great resources for letter-inspired activities:
No Time for Flash Cards
Crafty Crow ABCs

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