Wednesday, September 9, 2009

still enjoying our workboxes

This is week three, and the kids are still responding well to their workboxes. Some of the novelty has worn off, but they are still working through their folders with a general level of enthusiasm. One advantage I'd not really thought of to this system of managing our school day is that it is very easy to take breaks. When you have a baby that doesn't always have your schedule in mind, this is a really big benefit. Also, since most of the work for the kids requires some mom assistance, it is good to be able to switch back and forth. We do most of the stuff in the kitchen at the table, and the kids are getting good at waiting for a few minutes for me to finish up with the other child. I really like that the workboxes take me out of the equation of the kids knowing how much work there is to do. Before, Noodle was always asking if we were almost done. Now she knows how close to "done" she is by looking at the chart on the front of her workbox. It was hard for me to have to keep saying, "No, we still have X, Y and Z to do." Now she doesn't ask, she just does.

Oh, one thing that has really streamlined my workbox prep every evening is to make a 3x5 card for each day with the subjects that will be in the workbox that day. I can refer to the card, put those materials in the workbox, and then add any extras (games, etc) in to fill the rest of the box up. I finally got around to making up the 3x5 cards for Spud's box on Monday, and it has been really nice. Prior to doing so, I felt like I had 9 folders to fill "out of nowhere" every day. Now it's usually only about 4. Much more manageable.

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