Saturday, July 18, 2009

This past week

We bought this for Spud & Sprout (eventually). (It was only $20 at Wal-Mart.) I've decided that I hope the two boys can pick up a lot of the reading fundamentals on their own, so I'm all in favor of tools that help, and the Fridge Phonics set was recommended by a lot of people on the Well-Trained Mind forum. Noodle continues to improve steadily, so I feel okay about her progress. This week she finished up Ch 9 in Alpha MUS, and Lesson 6 in ETC 3. We are through Lesson 14 in Blend Phonics. She read "The Visit," a BOB Book for four days just to build confidence, and by the 4th day was very quick and fluid for most of it.

Spud passed off his short vowel sounds to me this week. We also did the first two Progressive Phonics books. He can be so obstinate about doing things that aren't his idea, so I'm hoping as time goes on he will acquiesce as he gets used to the routine.

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