Sunday, July 19, 2009

New book

One of the best things to encourage novice readers is high-interest books at below their current level. The problem I've had is that there just haven't been any of high enough interest for Noodle. On Friday I took the kids to Barnes and Noble to use a gift card I'd gotten for my birthday. She originally picked out a single "Biscuit" story (for $3.99), but then we found a collection of 10 stories for $12, which I figured was a pretty great deal per story. She was quite excited about it, and has been reading a couple of stories every day since then. She really loves the illustrations and frequently comments about how cute the various characters in the stories are. And she is looking forward to finding some more Biscuit stories next time she is able to buy a book. I know it is a small thing, but it is certainly notable. She was also reading stories to herself, and skipping words she didn't know but then figuring them out as she went on, which is a big improvement over getting frustrated about not knowing the words. So, yay for Biscuit!

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