Monday, January 18, 2010

good intentions...

I keep WANTING to post to this blog. We are having school! It's going well. The first week back after the break was a bit rough, but not too bad. Two more weeks until the end of our 3rd term, which means we are half way through our year! Whoo hoo!

Last week I hosted a homeschooling moms support group. We had a really good turn out, and I think that the women found it useful and enjoyable. I am planning on meeting every other month.

I've also been doing some intensive clutter-reduction and such, which is what has taken most of my free time. So I don't know that I'll get the updates done for the past two weeks. We have been learning more about the Greek gods & goddesses, and I have to recommend this great book by Aliki. Nice pictures, good information. I learned (maybe relearned) a lot, and Noodle really enjoyed it as well. We also watched Jim Henson's The Storyteller about Greek Myths. That was fun, too.

We are wrapping up our Earth Science study (soon moving on to space) and I am trying to figure out some activities for us to do as earth-saving folks. I got a book that has a bunch of ideas for kids to do, and we already do a lot of them. But there is always room for improvement. I do know that I want to start a regular habit of taking a grocery bag with us when we go on walks or to parks so we can pick up litter. I hate seeing trash in beautiful places (or anywhere, really).

So yeah, there's the two minute update. Better than nothing!

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