Wednesday, December 30, 2009

well, we DID homeschool this month....

The Sunday after Thanksgiving, Noodle and Sprout got sick, and then it spent the next 3 weeks cycling through the rest of the family. We started Term 3, though, and did our first two weeks. Things went pretty well, but we didn't have a lot of extra energy due to the sickness and me having a severe shortage of sleep that entire period due to Sprout's illnesses. I think he had one, got over it, then caught another. Blah. So grateful to be healthy again! And we were healthy in time for the holidays. In addition to school, I was finishing up the handmade Christmas gifts for the kids, so that took pretty much all of my spare time. I'd hoped to spend our off week before Christmas doing crafts and such, but I was so behind on my sewing that we didn't do much. I think the kids enjoyed having extra time to play, though. We did part-time school for the 14th-18th, then took the whole week of Christmas completely off, since family came into town and it was also Spud's 5th birthday!!!

This week we are doing a little bit--Spud is doing his computer school every day and Noodle is reading and practicing piano. Next week we are back full-time, and I'm trying to get things together for that! I was lax in filing papers into the kids' notebooks, so I had about 8 weeks of stuff to file! Maybe I'll try and do that every 2-3 weeks now. It'll take less time to sort & organize. Every week would probably be the best, but that seems unlikely!

Anyways, just wanted to post at least ONCE this month. We are still alive & looking forward to getting back to our regularly scheduled HEALTHY life next week.

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